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The book contains description of 491 species of animals and plants inhabiting coastal zones (supralittoral, littoral, upper part of sublittoral) Peter the Great Bay Japan (Sea) to a depth of 30 metres.

Peter the Great Bay is situated in the area of connection between temperate and tropical biogeographic regions and therefore organisms inhabiting it are abundant and diverse. Relative accessibility of different regions of the coasts of this bay and very warm climate in the Soviet Far East make it attractive for scientists and lovers of nature.

The book includes all the abundant and trade species and organisms which are of interest for naturalists. Some groups of animals and plants are omitted either because of small size of their representatives or because they have not been studied well enough.

Description of the organisms includes characteristic of the group, description of several species, indication of most important features of their structure, region of their geographical distribution, peculiarities of habits; picture of the animal is given (black and white, coloured, or drawing).

The best specialists in several groups of marine animals and plants from a number of scientific research institutes of the USSR Academy of Sciences, Ministry of Fishery of the USSR and of universities took part in writing this book.

The book is written for a wide range of readers. It is helpful for everybody who is interested in life of the sea - fishermen, sportsmen, seamen, aqualing swimmers, students, schoolchildren, teachers, etc. At the same time the book contains information necessary for scientists of different fields who carry research on marine animals and plants.

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